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Offshore Company Set Up

An Offshore Company or International Business Company (IBC) may be defined as a business vehicle providing organisations and people as individuals with a number of different wide-ranging services and structures centred on non-residents. Offshore companies are recognised as valuable for various business-related purposes, including acting as holding companies, owning real estate assets and overseas financial assets, ship registration, inheritance planning, special purpose vehicles and tax optimisation. There are multiple offshore jurisdictions around the world as Ajman offshore and British Virgin Islands “BVI” offshore companies.

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Various other fundamental advantages of offshore incorporation include the following:

  • There is no need to attend in person in order to complete the incorporation.

  • Capital for investment does not need to be placed in a bank account.

  • Submission of financial statements is not a requirement in some jurisdictions.

Offshore organisations are required to maintain a licensed registered agent and a local registered office, both of which are provided by the registered agent.
Corporate House can establish your offshore company, provide a local registered address and is further able to maintain the certificate of incorporation annual renewal for the Offshore Company.

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