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Mainland LLC Company

Setting up LLC company in mainland Dubai is regulated by the Dubai Department of Economic Development “DED”. An LLC mainland company in the UAE requires a local UAE partner to hold 51% of the company shares, the remaining 49% can be owned by 1 or more foreign party, whether individuals or companies. Some mainland companies does not require a local partner, depending on the activity as in professional service companies, in this case a local agent should be appointed, and he does not own any shares, however the legal form of the company in this case will be an establishment not an LLC.
Depending on the chosen activity, the DED may require the investor to obtain approvals from other ministries or governmental organisations in the UAE.
Corporate House will take care of all the setup process, we will even help you appoint a silent local partner and prepare the required contracts.

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Benefits of setting up a Mainland Company:

  • Freedom to do business inside the UAE and any free zone with no restrictions.

  • More choices of office space.

  • The number of employment visas is not limited by the office size.

  • Wider selection of business activities


Once the company has been registered, the license, establishment card and labor registration will be issued. The labor registration is a process which is exclusive to Miainland companies, in this process the company register at the Ministry of Labor and is assigned a visas quota, the quota differ from one case to another and depends on many factors like office space, company licensed activities and business contracts signed by the company. once done, the company can apply for a renewable 2 years UAE residency permits/visas for shareholders and employees. 
Following to the successful process of the visa application, the applicant will complete the medical test procedures and get the residency permit stamped on their passport. The process normally takes seven working days to be completed. Corporate House staff ensures our clients will complete the process in the least painful and most effective way.
After the issuance of the visa, the visa holder can sponsor their direct family immediately. It has to be noted that a UAE resident needs to visit the UAE at least once every six months to maintain the validity of their residency visa.

Capital Deposit and Bank account

Mainland companies are not required to have a minimum capital. A company can open a bank account once registered

For more information or to know about other free zones in the UAE

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